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Any Repair guide - Brembo clutch & brake master cylinder 2021-02-05

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created by Laverdalothar

Caution: if after assembling and re-installing the master cylinder and really precisely bleeding the system you feel a lot of free travel of the lever that does not change when you pump several times, there is a big chance you haven't seated/punched in the new seals deep enough into the master cylinder bore. The piston therefore does not sit deep enough in the housing and will need to travel some millimetres, before it pumps fluid.

The only solution to this is to remove the master cylinder from the bike, take off the lever and punch the seal in deeper (with the old seal or with a tube fitting around the piston and into the housing).

But first make sure you really have bled the system well and it's not just air. The difference is: if you can pump the lever several times and the point where resistance appears moves up, it is most probably air in the system that you compressed by pumping => bleed the system again, make sure the reservoir of the master is the highest point!

If the point of resistance does not move, the piston and the seals are not where they should be or during the assembly, you maybe even mounted a seal in the wrong direction or so. Check everything again with the repair guide and the pictures in there!

Also, please make sure you wait one day between mounting the master and riding the bike. Sometimes, air still comes up overnight and collects in the master cylinder. You do not want to start riding without the brakes working properly... Thanks for reading.

Disclaimer: You are doing all this on your own responsibility! With downloading the guide, you agree to this and accept that any failure is your own fault. Neither the forum nor the author of the guide can take any responsibility for the guide or the work described in there. Faults may happen, even though many followed the instruction successfully. If you haven't done any mechanical work on the brakes or hydraulic systems before or if you are unsure, you should ask someone professionally to do it for you, please. Safety always first!
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