5-12-08 Coppermine is read only


Mille Grazie, your efforts and work is much appreciated. I owe you a big one!!!

You will be running into capacity constraints if you try and load a tera-byte :eek:
jotacorsa said:
gerald, first "login" on the gallery page
you should get a welcome screen with your login
then "continue"
in the top buttons is "create/order my albums"
now you have an album manger screen
in the bar below the window enter album title
and "apply modifications"
you will be back to album manager with the new album listed
now go on top to "upload file"
after upload you get
successful upload
and select which album the file is to be inserted
this should do the trick

Scott - thanks for the instructions. I appear to have mastered the art of the upload and now find the functionality quite acceptable.

Sorry if I'm missing something but , how do I get to Coppermine from the forum, when I click gallery iI see lots of conversation about Coppermine but can"t find a link.

I actually think I registered once but can't retrace my steps..

Maybe it's just me but any advice would help

The best way to get to all the parts, including the gallery is to Start at www.laverdapedia.com. I will have to fix the links that used to be up at the top of the forum