Aussie Exhaust Supplier

Anyone have experience w/ this supplier?

Gday Bob how are you, I know of this business very well and thought that Barry Bligh the bloke that started the business had shut down some years ago, but good stuff I still have a few mates here with Overland stainless gear on there bikes since the 1980s
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I purchased Overlander Jota style ‘mufflers’ about 25 years ago. They fitted up pretty well and were a pretty close representation of the original items.

Now that I made that comment, I can’t for the life of me remember why I needed to replace the original ones.
As with others, I am not sure they're still going, and treat with caution if they are. At least based on 20-year old experience the parts looked good and were nicely made but did not fit.
If it is the same place, I got a pair of SF1-3 mufflers, so called replicas but they had a full diversion baffle in them that strangled it. Beautifully made though. I would want to confirm some details before buying more.
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I put a set of Overlander pipes on my 77RS back in 1980. They are still quite acceptable today. The only problem with the pipes was their propensity to crack like mine did just below the rear brake lever. The finish wasn't quite up to Staintune but still worked well. If I recall correctly you could buy either with baffles or not.IMG_4337.JPG
Yes cracking seemed to be an issue with Overlander ( 3 into 2 collector in my case ), while completing multi level welding course at TAFE i engineered a trefoil 38mm ( Headers in SS, thank you Uncle Venna, obliged, mis him ) collector, fabricated the welding jigs for mass production, lot of fabrication, one part i could not solve, head welder at Qantas Jet Base ( part time teacher at College ) sorted it with the convex curve on a bench vice proper, and a ball pane hammer, the edges met and proper weld could be completed, took him less time than me outlining the fabrication issue i could not solve. He was something else to watch in his skills.

Owner of Staintune did have misgivings about RGS pipe work, he did suffer cracking and at days end, decided to omit Laverda from usual production, used to visit the factory as was local in the day. j