Best Zane Colour scheme ?


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Coventry , UK
Anyone got a view on the best Zane colour scheme ?  IMHO the Zane bikes had some great paint colours -
650 Formula in Black
750S in Yellow
750S in silver with orange laverda logo?
750S in black with orange Laverda logo ?
Formula 750S "jaffa cake" colours ?
Formula 750S Blue / Orange ?

What is your favourite ?

I like the Ghost legend with the orange space-frame and black bodywork.

I also like the Ghost with the Lamborghini flake-orange paint, but it would benefit from some carbon-covered cans...:

the most I like my 2000 Formula design:

I like Lothars Formula colours best blue and orange really work,just needs Blue Flame exhausts on if legislation allowed them which they wouldnt in Germany.I must say that the yellow 750s doesn t come out so well in photos its a real mustard yellow and looks fab in the flesh,well I had one so I would say that! Wouldn t you Spider?

Damn right Shaun, this one coz its all mine! (but I would like to lose the gold forks and polish the frame, maybe a carbon fibre hugger and do something with the wheels).


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blade981 said:
If you can find some carbon huggers please let me know as it would finish off my cafe racer just fine!
cheers will


Carbon huggers were available from Alto Performance last time I looked but not cheap.

bigal said:
Lothar - the orange frame with black paint is not a colour scheme I had seen before . I like that a lot.


Hi Ally,

yeah - only a handful sadly have been made. They do look awesome! I missed out buying one when the seller offered it for about 3.000? to me. Just had no space in the garage and my wife...  :angry:

If you can buy one, be lucky. There are only 5 or 10 or so available as far as I know. Have come across 3 in my whole life, one in Germany, one in Switzerland and one in Italy.
No doubt about it. The orange and blue Formula is THE colour scheme.
Really like the orange and silver Formula and the silver sport versions too. I liked the fully faired SS model that was never made. It was silver with orange wheels and two into one exhaust. Infact if I managed it the pic should be below.


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Other than it having a two-into-one exhaust system and full fairing I have no idea. Dont know how far they got with it before folding. So if anyone can add further to it........
The other one I liked was the trellis framed version I found in one of the brochures.