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Holy shaez! When I fitted the spring to the SFQ centrestand with the motor out it was a nightmare accompanied by much loud cursing and using rude language - I used the 'washers-between-the-coils- routine. No way I could do that refitting it after having to remove it for repairs and the motor and exhaust system fitted. I'm sure you could make a more elegant tool to do this, but I rigged up a simple lever system using a bicycle spoke, a square section steel rod, a small hose clamp and a nylon strap (that originally came in a package of sheep dip containers!).

I fitted one end of the spoke to the steel rod and the other to the spring (with a tight bend and an opening just wide enough to allow removal once the job was done) and positioned and fitted the hose clamp to prevent slip and work as the 'fulcrum'. The strap went around the back wheel and was set the right length to allow the lever to be pushed fwd and elongate the spring until the tang could be manoevered onto the ring attached to the stand (this is SF-specific, and with one spring, the tension is extreme - but a similar principle may work on a triple).

Took a couple of unsuccessful trial runs to get everything right and was actually very chuffed when the spring slipped onto the ring and I could say my crazy idea was a success.


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Easier than using one of the hook on a handle tool, a bit like a Cork Screw, I have trouble getting the hook in the way before connection.
Impossible on the SF type Vnce; not enough space and too strong a spring - and like you I find the hook gets in the way. If you took out the back wheel, had a wide T on a long spring hook thing and pulled as hard as you could with your feet pushing against the bike somewhere AND had someone willing to put their hands anywhere near the hook and spring (and risk severe lacerations when it slips off :eek: ) to try and locate it on the ring ... then maybe. But with my simple Professor Sumner Miller lever system i did it by myself - and I'm an 80lb weakling :cool:
My 3c has 2 springs, early triples had 1 but I got sick of my stand bouncing up and down as I rode along so I added another fixing loop to the frame and added a 2nd spring like later bikes had. Which reminds me I need something similar to this for the Atlas, it doesn't have a centrestand as standard.
I like it Phil! The washer trick worked for me when I had the motor out but they weren't at all easy to fit - so the scissor jack makes great sense.

The new spring I have also has an 'open' end for the stand ring, which is more forgiving than the more circular type. Next time I'll give your methid a go.