Clutch Slip

Spider Wales

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Thr title says it all!, when I wind it on a bit the clutch slips quite a bit from about six grand on, I know it has ten year old springs/plates and about 1400 thousand on the clock so they really need doing, but any other ideas guys? fresh TRM put in this weekend and hydraulics bled, plenty of free play in the lever as well. ::)
what oil are you using? I use Motul v300 only and never had an issue. Make sure you have quality oil that is capable of being used in a) a motorcycle and b) with a wet clutch...
Well - then it might simply be a stressed-out clutch plate. Had that on my Formula at 10.000Km, too, but that bike was used by Motorcycle journalists for testing and ran at least in one race...

Haven't done it myself on a Zane, but considering the link to the Breganze engines somehow, it should not be the biggest issue to change the plates.
It doesn't look difficult with regard to the manual, just a pain in the arse as you have to remove everything on the Primary Side, water pump, pickups etc.
It's not getting any better, (or worse come to think of it) so I guess I will rip it to bits over the next few weeks, I will keep you updated Lothar.
Ta for the interest.  :D
Hey Spider, I know its unlikely, but for the sake of pulling the thing to bits, I'd drop the oil and throw in the Motul and see if the world improves, it is the one consumable they are particularly sensitive to and given the complete pain in the arse they are to work on  ::)

Good luck