Coppermine - suggestion



Hi Bill & others,

I notice that every time I go to coppermine, it takes longer to display the flags than it does to display the thumbnail photos.  I looked at the size of the flag images and they are almost all around 1k. Given there are 48 of them, that's 48k downloaded every time you change pages and/or look at a photo. They also seem to have a delayed refresh, making the display even slower.

The flags are there as an aid to select language, BUT there is also a drop down menu to do the same thing ::)

May I suggest the flags are removed?  It would speed up coppermine no end (and I am on high speed internet, yet it still slows down the refresh considerably  :-[ )

Just a suggestion........

Or just go to flickr or similar. I have never liked the way coppermine works and the image quality seems poor. I have no idea if it is possible to move the pictures to another site, I do recall the request for removal of the flags being made by a couple of people in the past so I'm not sure whether that is possible either.
  To sum up my post then....I don't like it and I have no idea how to change it, not much help realy  ::)

actually I have not visited the coppermine site for months.
find it very slow to download anything and difficult to navigate
so, just stopped going there