Dels v Mikuni

Received the Mikuni TM-40's, and there's an interference between cable insert and frame. Probably S.O.L.'d, but I am putting it out there in case someone has a clever workaround. Thanks again!
Cannot you use a shorter mounting rubber? That one looks very long.
There are Guzzi rubber mounts that appear shorter than what's in the pic, they make 32mm and either 36 or 40mm ones I don't remember. I use the bigger ones on the Miks fitted to my 3c. I measure mine for length later today.
I used 1-5/8" Gates Green Stripe radiator hose. Will run out and see if I can get sufficient clearance by shortening the hose to its minimum.
With zero clearance (between carb and spigot) and insulators removed from behind the spigots, there's room. Maybe 90 degree cable cable fittings will help. Thoughts on shortening the spigots 1/4" or so? I would imagine that there was some sort of thoughtful process involved in choosing their length.


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