difficult getting neutral



Hi all,

Anyone had a problem finding neutral when stopped with the engine running on a 750s? I have had the bike for a month or so after its been siting in a shed for a number of years. First thought was to change the oil and see if that made a difference. Not dont it just yet. Its ok when its not running. neutral is easy enough to find and moving through the gearbox is a little stiff but not to difficult. Just finding neutral can be a pain.
Any thoughts would be welcome.


Cameron, welcome to the mad house.

Sounds like clutch drag to me. is the clutch action smooth with a nice biting point?

Is it hydraulic? (not up to speed on the Zan? twins)
If so maybe it needs to be bled or the fluid changed.

If cable maybe it needs adjustment/replacement.

How many miles/km has it done?

I am sure someone else will chime in with better knowledge on this model.
Being semi flippant, I'd ask if you're supposed to be able to get neutral at standstill with a running engine... I've ridden plenty of bikes that wouldn't. I could ask my brother-in-law  :D he's got a couple of 750Ss & a formula.

As for this particular instance, assuming the other 750s you've tried can find their neutrals then, er, not sure what to suggest.

Chain tension? Oil level? Clutch action?

Thinking about it, I'd reckon the clutch may be the place to look. Either that or just get a few miles on it & see if it gets better after another oil change. This is the black one that's been unused for years?


PS Grant, you & Cameron met at the pinkster back in, oooh, 05?
Bob, I met a lot of folk at the Pinkster in '05.
I even remember some of it...
Cameron,welcome,mine was always a little tricky and found it easier to select neutral whilst still on the move before stopping.I think Lothar on here does the same.


The shift selector lever that acts in the detents of the shifter drum and the detented plate are the main culprits.  The lever has a simple roll rivetted to it that doesn't interact well with the detent plate, shifting on the move is ok, but at standstill, it becomes difficult to find neutral because the neutral detent is small and easily over shifted....  OCT offers a conversion kit that eases the neutral finding.


I maybe speaking out of my arse .... What's new ?

  Do these bikes have the fragile selector spring as used on the early Thousands and 1200 .... The little thing that is fitted in the crankcase ?....

Bob, is that Grant that was from over here but is now over in Spain? Black and gold SFC?

Just used it again and that back brake is rubbish need to bleed it again I think. At least its not sticking on this time! Speaking of which Motomecca claim I cant get seal kits for the caliper and the master cylinder!!  :shocked:

I will change the oil anyway. My dad had this problem with his Alpina and just rides along getting neutral on the move. I better check its just not making the neutral switch first. I dont like stalling you see. Contrary to what Bob may claim!! 

I think its great how these bikes are the same, but very different. Thats 4 in the family and they run a bit different and all niggle in different ways as well as the usual electrical nonesense! Except the Formula. Its perfect. Too perfect! Zaney (profile pic) broke a gear selector spring coming back from the Pinkster. Its defo not that. Will check out Piets suggestion also.


I have lived in Spain for 9 years now, and travelled up to the '05 Pinkster on my blue 1200.
I didn't go on the ride out as I was walking around like John Wayne all weekend and trying to get some feeling back into my ass. I just hung around taking pics and boozing.
What were you riding there? Maybe I have a pic of it.
The Three Dellortos said:
    I maybe speaking out of my arse .... What's new ?

     Do these bikes have the fragile selector spring as used on the early Thousands and 1200 .... The little thing that is fitted in the crankcase ?....


Yes Timbo, you are.... :D

...no, they don't!


OCT have seal kits for the calipers at least, I think for the M/Cs too.

Asked OCTs' Roger today about the selector, early bikes have a crap detent plate with the neutral notch far too small.  He always fits the later plate with his conversion lever.

Hi Cameron I to have just acquired my first Laverda,  a 750 strike . I have had it about a month and find getting neutral awkward I knew about the quirks of ownership when i bought it :D but the awesome riding experience makes it worthwhile
I remember now. For some reason I thought you had a black and gold SFC like thing. Obviously confused myself. I had the silver half faired 750s at that rally. The one pictured. She got the name Zaneything after a guy at the Pinkster said "oh you have one of those zaneythings" wasnt to complementary about them. So since then the name stuck!

Sounds like OCT are the people to speak too for the brakes. For a m/c and caliper it would be 140smackers! Sorry but thats madness! they only need seals.
I didnt know about the detent. I will check that out over the winter when I hope to tidy it up a little.

Oh a Strike is on the hitlist too :D but they are just as rare as the jaffa cake Formulas! I agree with you on that one. When they work they are wonderfull but god they can be hard work! Its like having a woman only less hassle and they ALWAYS look good :D Oddly Zaney would sulk. Sometimes decided not to start.  ::)