Ferns in S A ?

Sounds good to me. Where and when? Thought SA was a fern free state, or is that fruit fly free.
Will be there, must find some shrubbery to satisfy the eastern staters this time ;)

Oh fuk it worked !!! Pic of todays ride.
Ha Blab,thats defiantly not right.There not as stable as an SS but you should be comfortable hammering the crap out of it.How are the steering head bearing adjustment.It should swing freely with a slight bump on the end of the bar.One of the Sydney blokes had his slowly tighten while riding on a Wisemans run,it got scary stiff .Luckily I had a cut down shifter big enough to work the top nut.As far as I know there should be contact between the top nut and the bottom nut acting like a locknut.Thats what I think was not happening with Sash's bike but it hasn't been proved yet.Nipping the bottom nut to where it feels right and the tightening the top in my experience over tightens them.Its not easy to get it spot on first time.Hope its that simple.
Nah Vince,Ive been through that,too tight and it tramlines at any speed.
They are probably a touch on the loose side at the moment.
In a straight line it starts to weave at about 140 and gets worse,havent felt safe going over 160.
In sweepers,anything over about 100 will induce a similar weave.
Its actually dangerous to ride semi hard.Add a mid corner bump and I will be all over the road and crashing.
The only things I can think of Blab are the normal things to check: tyre pressures, steering head bearings, swingarm torque settings and wheel alignment.
Seemed to get progressively worse throughout the ride. Slow leak perhaps?
Maybe up the damping setting in the rear,I had similar wollowing on the softer setting that was fixed going from 1 to 3 on my Icons.The ride I had recently on Brett's RGS had a pretty bad shimmy at 80kph,take your hands off the bars and it immediately went bigger,we were at that speed for a while and it was shaking my eyes a lot.Didn't happen at 60 or 100.Didn't want to diss the bike,till Brett tells be the front tyre is scolopped and warn out.Maybe you have a distorted tyre?
Blab, when my Jota arrived from Pommyland, it seemed OK but felt like it would would tankslap at only about 80kph when I backed off after a quick start unless I did the grip of iron thing. I panicked about all sorts of possibilities, but a mate suggested balancing the wheels and tyres. I did, and the problems completely disappeared, bike was rock solid up to any speed I was prepared to go to.
Even though everything's all new on yours, something as simple as a balance weight falling off could account for the problem and be one of these things that just happens. Fairly cheap and easy to try, anyway.