Ferns in S A ?

weather forecast for the 11/2 is mid twenty's Tailem Bend --- low twenty's at Warrnambool,
Where ever you are going Andy the weather is going to be shit, horrible, absolutely crap,,,,,
Besides how else are we going to get lost in the boondocks.:eek:
I'll really miss Andy's uninteresting tours of the backblocks of Victoria ;).
That weather report sounds great, perfect riding weather but more importantly low fire risk at home.
Weather forecast is still good hasn't changed much.
Expect a bit of rain on Sunday at Curdie Vale.
Going start loading up the bike.:)
Tailem Bend 7am Sat.
All pre-riding checks done; belts tensioned, chain adjusted and lubed, oil and filter changed and bag packed.
Tailem Bend at seven of the clock it is!