Montjuic frame numbers and manufacture dates?


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Sorry, I'm back with Swiss Monty questions/problems!

I finally got the running bike over to the old importers and had a long discussion with Hans-R?di about getting the thing registered here in more-or-less original form. He didn't know what a Montjuic was and now he's seen and heard it, he feels that the only way to do it is to convince the authorities that the frame was made before Type Approval came in in Switzerland (1978) and registering it as a special based on a standard 500 rather than as a different model. I've been trying to find a list of 500 frame numbers and dates but with no luck. Now I realise that my frame - 3370 - was probably made in 1981 or 1982 since I think it's one of the last Montys and probably went to 3X, but does anyone have a list of 500 frame numbers and dates? I'm clutching at straws and praying for someone to be able to say "yes, that frame was made between 1977 and 1978, and was shipped to UK in 1978 and here's the documentation". OK, it's not going to happen and that would anyway not be home and dry but at least I'd then be in with a *chance* to register it.

BTW before someone screams and says "but my engine is 3370, how come he's got my frame!", my original frame was 3352 and matches the engine but it got a bit too bent after an off and was replaced with 3370.

Of course I've spoken to Richard Slater who will check his records but can anyone here help with a full list?

My next straw to clutch at may be trying to find an early Mk. 1 Monty or even an Alpino frame and rebuilding the bike onto that. Arghhhhhhhh!!!!! It's looking as though it will have to stay in the garage and get two outings a year to closed road events and even then have to be trailered to them, not ridden as it should be :(.

Cheers all and thanks for any help.

Simon, 3000 series frame numbers started coming into the UK in 1980, the earliest frame number I have on my [rather incomplete] 500 registry is 1028, which is a 1977 machine.

Montys didn't have specific frame numbers, they were just taken straight out of the standard 500 production run and I'm not even sure you could have bought one in 1977 or even '78 for that matter! Monty's [as far as I'm aware ] came after the first run of F500s which were only released in '78. Someone may correct me on this but I'm guessing the first UK Montys arrived at Slater's no earlier than '79. The earliest Monty's on my registry are from 1980.
Thanks for the info Bob . . . . That's pretty much as I expected. It would be good to have an idea of year of manufacture but for my purposes if there's documentation around that numbers 3000 and higher were made after 1980 then it's no good for me. I don't need bulletproof documentation but at least there should be nothing directly contradicting what I'm trying to "prove"!

OK, next option: who has a 500 frame with a number below 2000 that they're dying to swap for my immaculate number 3370? :)
Simon , I had an F500 frame no 2941. This bike was first registered in the UK on 1/12/81 and Piero told me it left the factory in March earlier that year as part of the third batch of F500s. Until then it was generally thought that only two batches of F500s were produced .
I've sent you a PM about a different issue, let me know if you don't recieve it.
My own (ex,long gone,long lamented) Monty was ..........
chassis number 2351
date/tax point on the invoice for this brand new bike was 11/April/1979
the supplying shop was Moto Prince of Loughbrough,as retail dealers for Slater brothers.
The bike was not registered for road use until 3 years later.
The price was ?1919.30,without raod fund tax or registration.

Just confirms that you could buy one in April 1979.
Clem , I've got your Monty listed in my records along with three others from 1979, I made a mistake earlier when I said 1980. Yours is the earliest Monty listed so I reckon it must have been amongst the first to be sold. I've got a note alongside it saying 'raced by Clem and also by Kev Hughes in the MGP, whereabouts now unknown' I wonder where it is now?

The earliest chassis number I've got on record, which is an Alpino, is 1028, delivered in '77 [outside UK]

I can't imagine that many Monty's , if any, have been scrapped unless they were written off in an accident. Stolen, hidden , broken up yes, but I doubt if any were simply thrown away. I suspect a reasonable percentage of the original 200 odd units might still survive tucked away here and there. I've come across about 30 survivors so far.
One for your records is my Alpino, declared manufactured in 1978 and imported into the UK in 1999. Engine and frame numbers are 1569. Looks more like a monty but has a SFC seat unit. Engine is standard but I have now got a set of S1 cams. Need a set of HC pistons, front mudguard and mk1 fairing if anybody knows of any available.


Hey Bob,
Didn't know you were running a 500 register.
Here are a couple for you to add.

Monty we just landed in Aussie is 3351. (number is correct Clem, is not a misprint)
In the workshop at the moment are 2805 and 3586, both original Monty's as far as we know.

Are you just tracking the Monty's and Formula's or are you doing all 500's.?


Hi Red,
Thanks for the info, it's nice to get a few more pieces of the jigsaw.
The registry is for all 500s and just out of interest the MK1 featured on is frame number 2806.
I didn't know that Jean Louis was running a 500 register, I'll share my info with him and hopefully he can add it to his records so that it can be viewed by interested parties.
I wonder if anybody has a later chassis number than 3731....or have I hacked about the last UK registered Alpino and converted into a racer! Oops.. :D
I have 2354 wich is near to clems 2351. but i think mine is an alpino converted by PT for racing.
2354 was registered 11/5/79.
Also got 1293 wich is an alpino.
1293 's an old 'un Pete. The oldest one in my registry is 1028 which I presume was the 28th built.
5 more for you Bob
all now in Australia and are all 500 Sports, all ex Serbia.

2826, 2885, 3494, 3622 and 3676


bob said:
I didn't know that Jean Louis was running a 500 register, I'll share my info with him and hopefully he can add it to his records so that it can be viewed by interested parties.
I wonder if anybody has a later chassis number than 3731....or have I hacked about the last UK registered Alpino and converted into a racer! Oops.. :D

Hi Bob, I was just preparing a message to you, saying that of course you can take all the information you need in Laverdamania too! The registry is not mine, the initiator was Eric Eason in Japan, my task is just to update it now. Anyone has news of Eric BTW?
Thanks JLO,
Whe I get back from Italy I'll liase with you, it'll do no harm to keep both lists running because at least it spreads the net wider across a greater number of Laverda enthusiasts.

Red, thanks for the info. By the sound of these latest acquisitions I think you're going to need at least one Barcelona kit in the near future!