My16M - Replacement for the original Weber Marelli


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has anyone of you Zane 750 owners considered or already done a conversion from WM16M to My16M? I am in search of a basic map to start with...


Loathar have you tried Mr Jeffreys,the bloke who makes it,very helpful bloke,another tip might be Brad Black,he is in Meolboure and did a lot of work with Duane of FIM the chip maker.And then there is Doug Loughran,both these blokes have web sites and might have built maps for a Zane in there time
Hi Vince,

yes, I am in Contact with Cliff. The point is that the Laverda is in many important points very much different from the Guzzis and Ducatis Cliff has handeled up to now (different injector-jet-sizes, different timing-wheel, different fuel pressure, different map-layout etc. etc.) so that the info he can provide specific to Laverdas is very, very basic. Not his fault, simply the setup is so much different.

Also you can not use the original Laverda mapps on the My16M, as one is coming from rich and is reducing the values due to sensor-input and the other one is coming from the minimum fuel supply and gives more fuel due to sensor input. Totally other way around.... So - it really would take one that has already done it to a Laverda 750 specifically, as even the 668 and 650 use different ECU-units to the 750 and this is also not adaptable...

Even a standard 750S and a Formula (especially the 2000) are different from the mapping side, as the 2000 Formula has way larger jets, which needs different timing in the map. Not easy...  :embarrassed:

But anyways: thanks for the hint, I will check the webpages from the two guys you mentioned and see if they maybe have done something.

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