NALOC roll call thread.

Hi all, here we are, all 30 of us.


Update your contact info please,
Thank you.
Hi all, thanks again for the participation in the roll call.

I have a database that captures those of you here and other folks that I know if in NA, like Wofgang and Chris, Paul LeClair, etc, and a few folks who aren't on the forum like our President Emeritus Bob Andren, but I have talked to, etc. I'm happy to say were about 50 folks. I'd be happier if we were 100.

I am going to close this thread in order to make it easier on my to keep the database accurate.
If you want to be on it just send your contact information to

Thanks again, send in your orders for shirts, the first wave was sent out Saturday.
Sure, I have a bunch of email addresses collecting in my spreadsheet. I can parse the for each zone or send out to the whole group. Some of you haven't given me that info but I can figure it out per what I have collected.
Let me know which way you want me to cut up the emails and I'll send out a note this week.

Bob, exactly what do you mean by "send out a note?"  Would this be sent as a personal message via this forum?  Private e-mail to totally separate addresses? Something else?
  I know I'm late......I was a bonafide NALOC member back in the early 20's.  Am trying to get back to that status once again.
    Tom Rogers
    Jamestown, Ohio
Got my NALOC hat, T-shirt and stickers. I think it came quicker than Amazon delivers. Quality  of all items was excellent. Now the Harley guys I ride with will have to believe there is more than just my Laverda in the world.  I'll tell them NALOC is doing a leveraged take over of HOG just to see I can get them riled up.