OK I got this wild idea...



I used to have a trivia quiz waaaay back in my NALOC days and I'm thinking about starting it up again. So I'm collecting material and prizes...yes prizes...they're not going to be original uncrated SFCs  but more like stuff I find in in the scrap bin...at least for now...
I will accept your input and I will even see if I can come up with something for inputting the monthly trivia question.
Format is completely open but I expect that at the end of the trivia period I will select the winner from all the correct answers by having my lovely wife pull a number out of the magic hat...

Comments and suggestions welcome wbmac@yahoo.com
Thanks for all the comments and suggestions.
My plan will be to have one a trivia question per month, collect all the correct answers and draw the winner out of a hat. Since nothing is written in stone about the format I will accept input about how to run this trivia thing
Sounds like a fun idea Bill. I only just noticed board and it's been there since November! Maybe others have been as un-observant as me, which may account for the lack of response.

I haven't gotten my rear in gear to do much...so "coming soon" maybe be a bit optimistic...