Out and About on your Laverda.No bull,Just photos

A very pleasant day at the Marlow regatta - the Cropredy liberator won best bike - our 150 mile jaunt on the Corsa produced 38 mpg including the thrash up the motorway to avoid the thunderstorms - just made it as the rain began to fall in the village - and guy in the picture is standing next to his statue - gold medal winning tower Sir Steve Redgrave


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Popped into Ryka's for a sausage bap, couple of interesting bikes.
Back via Newlands Corner, where there was a nice 105 year old AJS Model D. Kinda puts the age of mine into context.
Bloke hadn't owned his from new, like me, though. ;)
Box Seat Orange.jpgNewlands Corner 2023 06 11 01.jpgRyka's 2023 06 11 01.jpgRyka's 2023 06 11 02.jpgRyka's 2023 06 11 03.jpgRyka's 2023 06 11 04.jpgRyka's 2023 06 11 05.jpgIMG_5896.JPG
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also not too mention, how the no rubber and position of the kick starter works with the RHS rearsets, few bikes in the day, you had a folding footrest before you tried the kickstarter, horrible when you forgot or stalled at the traffic lights panic.... dangerous nightmare really. j
Alpine rally run and done for 2023. Top weather, attendance well down on previous but a good slice of our normal group from all over the place were there and had a good catch-up. Too much excellent food, just the right amount of beverages, awesome fireworks display and the crispiest most awesome morning once the sun made it over the hills opposite. The RGA fired on the first cold-start attempt but I didn't quite 'catch it'. It then made some alarming sprag-clutch noises but fired soon enough. Other than that and one lost fairing screw it behaved itself nicely. Some challenges on the way home after a bit of impromptu offroading by one of the group at Kiandra (not a Laverda). But all's well that ends well, no injuries other than some bruises and dented pride, the rest can be fixed. The kangaroo sacrificed to the rescue car gods later on did not fare so well. RIP. ✝️ Home at almost 11pm after a long day!

alpine 2023 1.jpg

alpine 2023 2.jpg