Out and About on your Laverda.No bull,Just photos

I think the Mach 4 is an H2 :)
It was the owners first outing on it and he was very grateful for the FO8s on the front in the downpour we had that morning, without engine braking.
Not only FO8s but double disc fronts, steering damper, and looks like a box section swing arm. Even in the dry, scary as hell to ride even moderately fast, had to be switched on 10/10ths, ask me how I know, but for a young guy then, exciting (addictive?)as all get out. Nice bike that one.
What's this? You're in my suburb? How come I didn't know?! Benzina used to be in a small side street between Plenty and High. Where is it now? I had them remove an old tyre for me years ago and promised I'd drop in to show them 'the bike I was building'.