Personalized Avatar photo disapeared

Paul LeClair

Staff member
Hi Bill or Chris

first, the Forum Board order showing to the public is different than the forum board order shown in the Admin fuunctions. Is that an issue witht he software version vs the dtabase version? I would like to put the Forum Board order back to what is was before it got cvhnaged in the last software update.

Second, my uploaded photo used for my avatar has disapeared. I am too ugly, or what....? Seriously, how would it have disapeared? Is this happening to others, or just to mother always told me I was special, maybe it is true :-\

Paul LeClair
Paul LeClair said:
I fixed the Forum Board order issue in admin functions, my avatar photo has still gone walkabout....

Paul LeClair

Mine did the same for a while.  I just re-loaded it and everything now seems ok.

('bout time I changed it, I think ...)