Radnor Hunt Concours

All I could find about it.
Being cynical, thanks, Paul, it rather looks like a moneyed pal of the organisers had one, and wanted it to win.

Radnor Hunt.jpg
Posted on Fbook by John Lawless, Tim Parker was in attendance as a guest speaker, iirc:


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I helped assemble the MV Disco that won best in show. It was restored by my late, dear friend Peter Calles. He acquired the bike in boxes, set about restoring it, and brought me the disassembled engine in a few boxes. It seemed to have been taken apart by a monkey with a hammer and pliers! Albert Bold [master machinist/MV expert] assisted greatly with the restoration/fabrication of the butchered threads etc. It was great fun putting the engine together without any literature/info other than an Italian owners manual that happened to have the cam timing spec and most of a wiring diagram! When Peter passed he gave away most of his collection to friends who would appreciate and care for the bikes. Albert was gifted the MV for his help with the Disco and other MV's in Peter's collection. It's good to see it being shown!
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