RGS headlight conversion

I have done a bit of research, there are currently 76 countries/territories that drive on the left of the road, that is 37% of the worlds traffic movement. A lot of countries have changed from left driving to right driving, in the 20's and 30's including the USA and Canada, two countries had it imposed on them by Nazi Germany in WW11 being Checko and Hungary Sweden was relatively late to change (1967) but Nigeria was even later than that (1972). There was still huge evidence of that in 1976 when I was working there, it was still causing crashes four years later! I didn't find any conversions later than that, but they probably happened. I don't think any country ever converted from R/H driving  to L/H driving.

I once recovered a fiat 124 (I think it was) simply to gain the headlights for my Corsa, I duly loaded it onto my trailer and progressed to the scrap yard, I stopped in a layby and removed the headlights, and while I was stood there, precariously working on the car atop the trailer, I realised, that the indicators (turn signals) were the same as my 1200TS, so out they came as well! I couldn't see anything else useful, so the scrap yard received the whole lot, it was off loaded by an orange peel clamshell, crushed to within a foot for each door, and slung onto the heap, the operator (who I know well and is a motorcyclist) jumped down off his crane and said "have you been building a  Shifty", and I said no, the engine is still in place, which he hadn't even noticed, the cash desk, dropped me about fifty quid as well, so all in, a good day, except perhaps I should have saved the motor and started to build a Shifty, most of the other parts are still here waiting.
I think you are right Marnix, but I had to google it.
the 124 had a very nice twin cam engine with twin 40 Dellorttos very like Webber DCOE, so I would have kept that and its gearbox
to use in a project leave rusting under a hedge. Or used the carbs for Atlas spares!
Didn't Sweden or some other joint change over a lot more recently than that? Maybe it was the 70s - and I recall that there were virtually no crashes - changeover in a single day. I'm glad the rules of navigation on the sea a re more consistently applied!!!  :eek: :eek: :eek:
I think when Swefen made the change it was Semi Trailers and buses on Monday followed by cars Tuesday. Motorcycles on Wednesday. Sorry I missed the fun.