RGS trade for my 04 Guzzi V11 Ballabio?


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Howdy folks,

If anyone is interested in trading their RGS for my Guzzi, Please let me know. The condition of the rgs is not too important as long as it's serviceable.

I am located in Los Angeles. Here is info on my bike: http://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/mcy/1857251424.html
I think it's worth the same as a good running RGS in the United States:

2004 Moto Guzzi V11 Sport Naked with Factory Ballabio conversion (Handle bars-triple clamp-fly screen) aprx 7,000 miles. Immaculate condition.
The later 2004 and 2005 V11 models were much improved from the earlier versions that had many issues.
This one is completely sorted and ready to go across the country.
The Ballabio conversion makes the bike useful for rides lasting longer than 45 minutes as the stock clipon's are uncomfortable.
Enhancement list:
Ballabio conversion (Factory risers, clutch line, risers, LSL superbike bars, fly screen)
ECU (My15m) Fully programmable by any laptop. A better solution than an add-on power commander
Upgraded relays
New Odyssey battery
New Michelin Pilot Roads
Custom Cored Pipes for a nice deep rumble from the 1100 cc V-twin
Dealer Serviced, all fluids, valve adjustment, tb's synced.

I'm a tinkerer at heart and there's nothing left for me to do on this bike!!! help!

Please email me at charles.swanberg@gmail.com

I was really interested in your mention of Cliff Jeffries home brewed ECU from Australia. For those here not familiar with it, Cliff appears to be a one man show much like John Wilson of IIS. See the website here:
http://www.cajinnovations.com/MyECU/index.htm  I think the systems are about $650 ish Australian dollars, work on Zane Laverda's as well.

if I had a spare RGS I would trade with you in a heart beat, maybe I should buy an extra one just to trade...........

Paul LeClair
Hi Paul,

yep - they do replace the original Weber Marelli Systems (P8, WM15, WM16). I have a WM16 kit from Cliff which a friend of mine is currently trying to set up for my Formula. Difficult job, as Cliff's experiance is mostly with Guzzi's and you can't use the same maps from the Guzzi nor can you adapt the old one from the WM16M to run in the My16M from Cliff  :angry: real PITA to get it sorted...
I bought the Guzzi when I couldn't find an RGS locally,... of course, now there are two in my area for sale!  The main purpose for installing the My15m ECU from Ciff was that I wanted to cure the lean area of the map that the stock ecu has on the V11 (at around 3,000 rpm), and also to make up for the open pipes that I installed... I was going to go powercommader but I thought a fully programmable ecu would be better and It was cheaper in kit form that a PC.
It's definitely been a learning experience in figuring it out but the bike is running much better that it ever did when new. I run open loop so there was plenty of tweaking.  I really like the Guzzi but I think the RGS would be a bit more interesting to me. The Guzzi sounds great but something about the triple howl that has me mystified.
Hi Charles,

Bugger me I sold my Ballabio for the same reason. I bought a Jota which I have just finished refurbing. I liked the Guzzi except it was too boring and was cursed with modern suspension geometry i.e.leaning forward all the time. I have to admit that I don't miss it so I agree with your next choice.

I also used the Cliff Jeffries ECU setup on mine after experiencing all the typical problems you mentioned. In Australia and probably in America as well the lean spot @ 3000 rpm is just to get around emissions regulations. MY ECU was a revelation after being sold all the bullshit stories from dealers who were peddling the so called re-chiping story at $250 a throw. In Australia this service originates from Dwayne Mitchel who runs FIM (Fuel Injected Motorcycles) and he provides Ducati with the software and maps to rechip at Ducati dealerships. I bought my map of another interesting guy, Phil Arnold, who provided Cliff with some basic maps when he started. He loves 4 valve Guzzis and setting land speed records on 2 strokes and does a bit of consultancy work for some of the European factories.  He writes his own maps and I ended up with one of his and a bit of tutoring in how to use the software. Great fun for a rank amateur like myself. If you need a copy of his map I'm happy to email it. I don't need it anymore so the more people I can give it to justifies me not deleting it.