SF2 in OZ


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I'm back in the hunt after a few months sorting out life issues :)

Once again, a lot of mods. Work done by Dukes Moto Services in Brisbane, is that you Redax?

I have emailed them to see if they still have all the original parts:-

Hey drikko,
Nope, we are called Redax Laverda Engineering, never heard of Dukes Moto Services.

Good luck
It's a scam, got this back:-

I am glad to hear that you are interested to buy my 1974 laverda SF2 750. The price is AU $6,741.00. I offer free shipping and 5 days return policy (through eBay), it means that after you get it you can inspect it for 5 days and after the inspection period is over you must decide if you agree to purchase or decline it. 
Have to tell you that i'm in Europe for the moment to import more bike so the transaction will be handled by a shipping company&eBay. I always use them when i'm out of the country for other imports. To buy this bike email me back with your full name and address to start the official procedure through eBay. They will send you a notification with ALL the info regarding payment, delivery, purchase protection and refund policy.
PS I have over 50 watchers on eBay so if you want to buy this bike you should hurry up.

edit: That was quick, it's been pulled!

Hey Red

Duke Moto Services is Noel Watson, based on the gold coast


That bike was for sale, not sure if it sold though if you like i can find out for you. The price was more like 12-15K Aud, cant remember, there was a real listing on Ebay, so id say some one in computer land has ripped it off for the scam

The bike is actually for those Vegas dwellers, Ian Hitchcocks pile of drama, many thanks to Ted

Its had a lot of money spent on it to sort it out, but I dont think its worth 15k

Its a badly set up replica that needs a fair bit of attention, looks good from a distance but close up its all wrong

No doubt you're right, they would have copied the original add to make the clone.

For 6-7k I would definitely look at it, but not for 12-15k, can't afford that. Still kicking myself for not getting the Innisfail RGS, but the wheels fell off my work life the day before I was going to look at it.

All good now so looking again.

Call Noel up. He's easy to find through Gold Coast Ducati and see if the bike actually exists.

I wonder if he would even touch a Laverda. He hated them when we were all young buggers.

Will do Cosi, the other reason I want it is a friend has decided to restore his 7X (6 I think) Duc 900SS so will need some work done for sure. Will ask him if he did that work on the SF2 or was that scammed as well.
he did the work,  seen it with my own 2 eyes,  hope your mate is not in a hurry, been building my pantah for nearly two years now
Drikko, stop your mate. If you want any serious work done on a bevel send it to Ron Young Engineering. He has been flying under the radar for 30 years. If you ask around you'll find that most Ducati repairers, including all the famous ones south of the border, get any serious work such as bigends done by him. Noel amongst others like to tell people, for instance, that he uses a special Japanese big end pin. It is actually an XR 500 Honda one which cost a couple of hundred dollars. The original costs on average $1250.00. I don't know him personally but know a shit load about Ducati's and a number of serious collectors. They told me about him.

I've known Noel since we were kids and don't worry I think the world of him but I would send my engines to Ron.

Thanks Chris, I'll point him to them..... THE ENGINE IS ACTUALLY FINE, JUST NEEDS A CLEAN UP stupid caps lock. Most of the stuff we do ourselve, like all the brakes are stuffed, tyres etc etc, apart from that's it's pretty much OK. He's kicking himself as he lent his staintune pipes to someone else never to be seen again, he has the high swept imola pipes which fry your legs raw.

When I was in the DOCQ in the seventies and eighties we had Tranzac, AKA Brian Payne, make a batch of replicas. Payney sold the business years ago but the new owner still has the jigs. I only found out by accident when I went looking last year because I still owned a bevel at the time. From memory they were pretty shmico. One day I'll try to get hold of another bevel and build that late seventies endurance racer replica I've always wanted. Once you've owned a few Ducati's you just can't let go that easily.

I know where there's a couple of Darmah's but I just don't have the spare dosh. One day.
Wow - Mr B's doing up the Duke? Fantastic news.

Btw Derek, shoot me your working email now - dunno if you ever got my message about the cheap(ish) barn-find SF2 that was around here. Was starting to wonder what happened to you.