Slater Laverda UK - Richard Slater


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I asked Malcolm Cox to contact Richard Slater yesterday in order to get a definitive statement about the closure of the Slater Laverda business and Richard's retirement.

ALL the spares owned by Slater Laverda have been SOLD.
Richard has NO spares, and has NO access to spares.
He cannot, and will not be selling spares again, as he and his business partner Mary Bufton have retired.

Machine dating
Richard does still have all the Slater records, and will be happy to date bikes as he has done for years.
This is a service he will offer and expand in the future.

The original Slater premises has been sold, so there is nothing of Laverda to see there.

Richard made it clear there is NO telephone number for him and all the Slater business telephone numbers have been ceased.
To contact him, you can email This is ONLY for machine dating.

On behalf of Richard, he wishes everyone all the best.
OK, if Richard has retired and why not? We all retire in some way, one day. As stated in the above discussion start, if Richard is happy to date bikes, how is it best to contact him? There are no phone numbers, so is it email or pen and ink?

Thanks for any help available.