Sorry, fuel pump is last straw, 750s for sale soon....


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After the side stand switch failing & taking the shine off my Cadwell track day, todays failure of the fuel pump is the sign that enough is enough - I've spent 3 times as much time working on the bike as riding it.

Its been fun but time to move on.

Here's a piccy I took next to the stricken bike today - ad. to follow at some point in the for sale section.

Thanks Guys

I am pleased that i have just deleted my last post...It was very rude !


what you have to realise here is that this forum is full of guys just like you, who have had to finish off development, improve, update or repair EVERY SINGLE one of the Laverdas in their possession.

Laverdas sort of get you like that, or maybe they don't.

I have owned Laverdas since 1979 and I can't remember how many times I have said 'that's it, no more' and yet I still come back for more.
Maybe I take a break, go cuss and swear, kick the cat or something.

I rebuilt a CB750/4 once and on it's maiden voyage it seized. It lay in the back of the garage for 9 months before I had calmed down enough to work on it.
Turned out a pattern oil filter had collapsed, starving the top end of oil.

How long have you had the bike?
What did you ride before?
Is this your first Laverda?

I'm not trying to patronise you, just show we are all in the same boat, but if you stick with it we will all help you in some way to debug it.
If what you have fixed keeps breaking down, then is the time to get mightlily pissed off if you ask me.
I'm touch Guys - esp The Three Dellortos (always make me smile, such a fun ID).

I'm afraid I was relying on the bike for transport for a little while and it letting me down in this way isnt good at all.

I've really had some fun times but I know in my heart its a proper Formula (test ride offers VERY welcome) that I'm hankering for now after a taste of how good a zane can when its running  :undecided:

So - I know this wont be my last Laverda anyways.

and here was me thinking I was being a pain on the forum!

Thanks for the support Gents - it is appreciated.

PS - I wouldnt sell the bike until I was happy it was right either, not my style unless someone wants to swap for an RGS Corsa  :D

All the best - Frank
Don't worry about being a pain on the forum, we have Timmy for that, eh?  :evil:  :evil:  :evil:

Timmy we lurve you!
Hi Frank,

Truth is, of course, that compared to any of the Big 4 manufacturers, Zan? Laverda was just a couple of guys in a lock-up.  Consequently, they:
a) had to use whatever 'off the shelf' components they could source at an acceptable price;
b) had very limited development or test experience to work with.

So reliability is/was always likely to be a problem *.

So trying to use one as regular transport was perhaps a tad ambitious  :smiley: . That said, when I check back thru your postings, you do seem to have had more than your fair share of problems  ::).    (Fortunately, when I bought my Formula, many of the known faults, like the side-stand relay and the alternator wires, had already been modified.  Starting remained a problem tho', until some bright spark on the Yahoo list worked out it was just that the poxy cables were too small.  And, of course, the crank may yet go bang without warning - see * below).

However, you might think that now you've rectified most of the common faults  :wink:, your luck might change ...  But I'm still not sure I'd rely on one as a daily transport - it's really Honda who make those  :D.



* Even the dreaded big end failure seems to be down to a dozy sub-contractor not making the crank pins round ...  If that had happened at Honda, the problem would have been discovered and rectified before most people had noticed - a bit like happened with BMW cars a few years back and the problem they had with premature cylinder failures.

I use mine for everyday work transport, (60 miles a day so it gets good and warm, expensive on oil though!) not sure how long it will stay in one bit, but so far so good.
Come the salty months it will be garaged and back to the car, but until then I, "SMILE" when i get into or home from work.
I had my fair share of niggles with the Mirage as well, but that is another one for my Boy to inherit and definately not on the to get rid of list, I think they do get into your blood, Luv Em!.
I totally get you. I had a silver 750S, still have but its not running. I had problem after problem which felt like an apprenticeship on Zanes. I went without it for over a year and felt partly lost without it yet glad of the peace I had not getting stressed over it failing to start or breaking miles from home. I always wanted a Jaffa cake Formula and while that one was away (supposed to get sorted) I acted quickly when a Jaffa cake Formula came up for sale. So after riding that i was back in love with my Zanes. I now have my silver one back and is my project with a new paint scheme planned and another fully running 750S, although it was layed up for a while before I. It needs a tidy up but the engine sounds great and I now enjoy both these bikes.

Oh and one other thing to mention. I have a 650GS for plodding about on to work and for winter. A couple of weeks ago in the rain it failed to start!! Shock shudder! you can imagine my disbelief at the unimaginable. Anyway, out came the 750S and put the BMW to shame. Wont happen often but its worth boasting about while I can!

Welcome to owning a Laverda chaps, be it Z or B theres always something that fcks up on them, We are all just lucky that

A. weve all got one or a few


B. you can get ot fixed here in no time at all

Ive thought many times of "selling up" and buying a nice reliable MV, but at the end of the day

Its a Lav for me

Sort the fuel pump and whatever else you have to sort out, from all your postings i believe that your becomming very intimate with this bike, as they all should be
Cosi, good point.
Laverda ownership is all about involvement.
This is especially true as they get older.
If you want an uninvolving ride, or uninvolved ownership my recommendation is to buy a Honzookiamasaki.

I had a friend once who rode a GS425 but then decided to buy an Alpino (new from Slater). Lovely it was. Next thing it was up for sale. Somehow it did not like sitting out under a tarp in the street, unused for weeks. Hey, it rusts, it is hard to start.
The owner wanted not to be involved with it, just to use it. Even a brand new Laverda (then, pre-Zane) could not give that level of uninvolvement.

I think I ride them in part BECAUSE of the level of involvement, of bonding that they demand. Yes, I rode one (several over the years) as my sole means of transport, and yes I did have to get involved more than I wanted sometimes, but I am still owning and riding them.
They get you like that in the end.
Never a more true word spoken and mine decided to let one of it's fairing fixing screws wear a hole in the radiator on the way into work this morning, (why did I only shorten the one on the other side? TWAT!)
One screw wound into the hole and lots of Araldite later and it can wait till winter to weld the hole back up, we are the R&D department but we love it really, (Honest Guv!)