The Mirage may still be a mirage - but there IS a Tim!


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Tim, AKA "The Three Dellortos", has on occasions pi$$ed off many of us, made us laugh, cringe, turn off the computer and just generally wonder what planet he comes from or now lives on.....
However, I can now confirm that he IS on this planet! Tim joined us for the weekend at Mallory Park  - arriving in his cab - and, yes, we had a bloody good laugh - albeit a lot of it at his expense :D. Good on ya Tim for making the effort to be there and I can genuinely say it was good to meet you. Here's said man and the tool of his trade....


All we need now to complete the jigsaw are pics of the Mirage..... ;)

Alan :)
Ach, so! :police: Herr  ??? Tim,  :police: ve haf vays und means off makingk you showingk us ze Mirach! :police:

Himmelischer Heinrich

Don't they remove those colored wristbands upon discharge from hospital?  Or did he jump out a window and escape before his time?  :D
is it just me with my tired eyes or is he looking a bit like Phill Collins little brother? :D

see - they both have wristbends, just Phils is bigger...:

As to the concept of Tim being from this planet, some may disagree.  I'm with brother Lawrence.  Clearly he's just escaped from a lockup.  Or maybe he is related to Ford Prefect and / or Slartibartfarst.

The Three Dellortos said:
I have just found this thread laguishing on "Attention Seekers". Who put it there ??

  Please ?
I started the thread Tim, but I don't know whether I put it in 'Attention Seekers' or if it's been moved since. Does it matter? Add it to your list of "Claims to Fame"! :D

Alan :)
and theres me thinking he was a singer from Jamaica.

Why are pea's so round? All they ever do is go round and round and round, then fall off your plate. Even forks dont work with pea's ! Stab, prod, jump, gone! Another leap for freedom. So so green as well. Not right. Pea's are like people, just some are not jumpers. M m m m m ! Lifes problems. And i dont get this thread also. Ian
....there was life before the mirage.....and hair!


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First we have Tim with the invisible mirage, now he has an invisible friend pulling a wheelie on a TL125!
Amazing  :D