What would fly, NALOC?

What kind of NALOC bling would you be interested in?

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Good...I am down to my last few Laverda T shirts from Wolfgsng's rallies from years past. Going to be cold this winter if I don't have a shirt to wear.
If you would get off your ass and get in your helicopter and put those B.C. forest fires out the wind would stop blowing all that smoke this way. Fly safe.
Bringing this back to life.
I found two new (cheap) ways to get some NALOC bling out to you.
T shirts, although still would cost more than $20 each due to low volume production and shipping, and now STICKERS.

Im going to start the run of stickers soon, they will match the NALOC shirt design and can have the different tank badges.

Stay tuned.
Don't I know it. President Slacker is motivated to generate some bling for us!

It's been a crazy 2019. I spent a lot of energy, wrenching and cash on Ice Racing this winter, with the AMA and Wisconsin area racers on several lakes north of Milwaukee. Then I went to Cornerspin racing school in North Carolina to learn how to back in the rear end in on the ice and learn to corner a bit differently than one would road racing. Its a camp where you are expected to go to the limits or traction small 100-125cc dirtbikes with street tires on them on a tight GP all dirt course. I had two mishaps grabbing the front brake too hard during drills and really bruised up my ribs and hands going through the front door. A couple of outings in the woods several weeks after and I was finally not in rib pain anymore. The bruises were epic. My three Laverdas are all in a state of panic due to the new to me 2004 300 CC GasGas 2 stroke showing up last fall. But they are happy to go on short rides, and now all are in need of some repair, repaint and other replacement parts due to ragging them out for a bunch of years, and my triple is still getting a going over with our pal Mr "AIG" Colbert. I travel a bunch now for work and he's a good man to take that on for me. I also picked up a 1994 KX 125 to use on the ice but I haven't pulled it apart yet, it was a barn find, got it for nothing, so it will be a money pit for sure.

The NALOC sticker comps showed up, looked nasty due to my file sizes not being at the right resolution for the screen. 4 weeks to find that out, rats. My family and I are off to a long stay at the family cabin in the woods today, I will re shoot the tank badges and get the stickers reordered over the weekend.

Hope all of you are having a blast on your bikes, enjoying pleasing outings with friends and family, and enjoying the lives you've made for your selves.

Cheers and happy riding,
IAG said:
Keep up the effort, it's appreciated! Who's AIG?

Wikipedia says.....

American International Group, Inc., also known as AIG, is an American multinational finance and insurance corporation with operations in more than 80 countries and jurisdictions. As of December 31, 2016, AIG companies employed 56,400 people.