Where is Tim?

well hell Ernesto!

What about the little sausages called "Bifi" that sell like hotcakes in Germany!
Made from 100% mystery meat :-X

Trippa in Italy is known as Tripe aka Chitlins in the States, and you don't want to know.........
Ernesto said:
It consists mainly of pig?s blood with pearl barley and other stuff, in contrast to the
sweet raisins....

For me it?s an

Still hungry???

oh aye, very much so, I am Scottish after all - it's historically been a poor country so the cuisine involves cooking the things richer countries would have thrown away.

Black pudding is oatmeal, pigs blood & other stuff.

You really, really don't want to know what goes into haggis.

Cullen Skink, on the other hand, isn't nearly as scary as it sounds :)


sfc1000uk said:
You really, really don't want to know what goes into haggis.

Cullen Skink, on the other hand, isn't nearly as scary as it sounds :)

Actually, after reading about the ingredients, I wouldn't consider haggis so bad, but maybe that's because I am not easily scared.
Reads... interesting!
And for the Cullen Skink, well sounds delicious to me and much better than having milk poached Finnan Haddie for brekkie  ;)

Enjoy your meals guys!
  As far as Scottish delicacies go I personally relish nothing more than setling down to a nice bearded clam or wee man in a boat, a timeless dish that can be enjoyed anytime day or night.

  Keith  ;)
Well Bob, I just had a big feed of Haggis yesterday. Yum!
It's not easy to find in Australia but I know a bloke who makes a big batch for St Andrew's day every year. I usually buy a few kilos and keep it in the freezer.
One of the more savoury dishes in my mother's cook book (she's from Edinburgh) is "Cossied Heeds". Basically femented fish heads...  :p :-X

Getting back to the thread topic and Red's explanation, I'm glad that Tim hasn't been permanently castrated, he's only had a partial vasectomy and he'll recover in a couple of weeks.

Some people accept change easily, others need more help and tolerance. Tim is one of the latter group. Change is inevitable in life and those who can't adapt will die (to paraphrase Charles Darwin). As social creatures it is encumbent upon us to help our friends through the change, even if they have to be dragged kicking and screaming - as Tim was. The alternative is to leave them behind. To me that's not very generous.

I never took Tim's posts to be personal attacks at those who set up this facility, even if they may have looked like it. I understood them to be him venting his spleen at something that was frustrating and upsetting him. So if anything troubled me about Tim's posts it was the way he was feeling more than the small hurt they may have caused others.

I've never met Tim or spoken to him. I only know him through the MSN forum. But he's obviously passionate about what's important to him. And that includes Laverdas and the social network around them. I have a feeling that he'd give the shirt off his back to fellow Laverda owner if they needed it, so he deserves to be called a friend and his occasional abrasive manner forgiven. The change of forum has clearly caused him some pain. Blocking him will hurt him even more. I sincerely hope he will choose to come back when the suspension expires. If he doesn't reappear, I'll go looking for him.

I agree, your reply gave me a warm 'milk of human kindness' kinda glow  .... so I think you should change your avitar ....see attached photo.

I think we should start a bring back the 'Timford One' campaign ... will someone 'second' me?


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Grant said:
thanks for giving a mature, reasoned opinion on the 'Tim' issue.
I tried to find your PM address to chat off-line but it was not shown.

Anyone familiar with MSN postings will know Tim is a bit 'special' and his posts may come across as blunt, aggressive or pointed at times, but he is genuinely sorry for having upset the forum and he says it was not his intention. He would just like the opportunity to say this himself.

We are (mainly) 40/50/60-somethings who want to chat/share/seek help/boast or whatever about our mutual hobby.
Let's deal with these things in a mature, sensible, transparent way.
For sure Tim was out of order, but I have issues with a unilateral decision to remove him, without informing anyone.

Justice has to be done, but it also has to be seen to be done, no?

Hopefully this forum will find it's own identity, it is not after all solely a new vehicle for the MSN crowd.
The MSN crowd (me included) will have to adapt, and try to help shape this forum to find it's true potential, which is higher than that of the MSN site (mainly beacuse of the extra features and options available in this site).
We can only hope the teething troubles are resolved quickly and efficiently.
Moderators need to moderate (if required) and contributors need to respect others in this forum.

By the way I think it would be prudent for the delete function to work, as people may want to re-think the content of their postings from time to time. I am sure if Tim had this option this sorry issue could have been averted.

Now, let's get on with our lives here.

There's not much adapting to do, Bill & Paul have seen to it that this has been an absolutely painless move. As well, their patience has been of the same level as I have never seen before, ever! As you said, we are mostly in the 40-60 catagory, and as such we should be acting at least as if we are in our late 20's!! The Enchanter's first visit here was akin to kicking your friends door in, walking over to the kitchen table, pushing the dinner's spread onto the floor, and then asking where the $*^@ dinner was.
I'm sure there must be another issue at play, I cannot imagine anyone getting so upset by such a cool looking website. Non of us deserved the drivel that was spewed the first few days, especially Bill & Paul.
How so many of you have eaten your gutwarzt and haggis !!

  I couldn't resist reopening this thread .... How I laughed at the time  :D :D :D

            Keith Floyyd
Hi Bill....

  As I have said to you in various e-mails...... I was REALLY EMBARRASED , and Sorry !

      We all think we know the effort You and the team put in.... Just for a technaphobe like me to enter the fray and screw it ALL UP !!!

  Sorry Bill , Paul , Jlo . Redax and ALL...

  I kicked a BALL over your fence a few months ago...... Can I have it back please ?  :D :D

                Thanks Guys

My reference was to the difficulty that msn had with finding anything...the reason I started the wiki which turned into more than I ever expected.

I threw that ole ball away months ago... :p