Lock Down Blues

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Laverda SF

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The K900 Kawasaki sold like pop-cycles back in the mid 70's in my home town of Capreol Ontario.

I lost a young up and coming Motorcyclists friend because of that Kawasaki piece of shit, the Kawasaki 900K ;o(

Laverda SF

Hero member
Harley Riders go to Valhalla on this ride:

Very sad I sold her, a 70 Triumph Trophy 250 Enduro - Wish I still had her ;o(
She was a STD Triumph Bonny frame and could mount Singles or 500 to 750 Twins.

I personally like this Woman/Motorcycle Pic:

Grabbed the PIC online and coudo's to the photographer ;o)

Love her High-Heels.

All I need is to have some Aussie saying that's my Wife - ROFL

You want to talk about "LOW" Down Blues, I have it. Puppies will never understand the difference between Low and Lock down blues until they put in the time ;o)

Call the Bike ?