Vapour blasting in the UK (Cheshire region)


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Cheshire UK
Hello all, am I allowed to shout about my activities in the UK. I set up a vapour blasting service a few months ago - Vapourhoning UK, the website is  FB is VapourhoningUK or you can message me here

I spent a good chunk of money on a machine from the USA which I think is the best on the market, a large industrial compressor to handle the pressure and volumetric air flow needed to get the best from the machine and various other bits of kit

I am focussing on getting components back to their original condition by using glass as the blast media, this leaves things like engine cases or carbs with a nice polished finish without looking too blingy. I can do a more aggressive process by swapping the blast media to materials like ceramics or aluminium oxide but that is only used for removing factory applied paints or external engine coatings

If you are wondering what vapour honing / blasting is, I have a large enclosed cabinet that has sump in the bottom with pump, drip tray and recycling system. The pump provides a mixture of water and blast media to a nozzle where it is mixed with high pressure / volume air to produce a high-pressure slurry

I have done work on aircraft parts, tractor parts, car parts and of course lots of bike parts. I am getting more and more carburettors to clean so after doing the carbs on one of my own rebuilds (Rickman CR750 Honda) I found that despite copious rinsing and cleaning with petrol, I still found minute particles of media in a few jets, since then I have bought an ultrasonic cleaner which works a treat

You may have seen my ads' in the classic bike press, Classic Mechanics, Classic Racer, Old Bike Mart etc I am obviously a Laverda man having raced my Monty for a few years now

If I can help with your restoration please get in touch, with the COVID thing, my working method is to request pictures of your parts and what you are trying to achieve, I can then get a rough price to you. The parts can be sent to me by carrier or if you are worried about things going missing, you can bring them to my works SK10 5RX in Cheshire, I will put a bench outside and you can leave them there, I will do the revers when they are finished

My most recent bike work has been a complete dismantled BSA Rocket Three engine and a Yamaha RD350B

Sorry about the crappy attachement, to get the information that I wanted to present in a file size of 300Kb is impossible but there lots of information on my website and FB pages

If i can help get in touch, always glad to waffle on about bikes



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