Shorai dying


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I?ve had Shorai batteries for the last four years with no problems but recently I?ve found their performance dropped off and they don?t seem to be holding maximum charge, the LFX36L3-BS12.

It looks like Shorai no longer has an Australian distributor, their website is dead.

Anyone else had this issue and found a direct replacement.


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S/W Australia
I've had a really good run with SSB lithium. After 5 years they have never not started either the Motodd or BM. Don't use tenders and can be recharged with a normal battery charger.
Motodd one sat on the shelf for 18 months while having the frame repaired. it had full charge and cranked over the motor no problem. Another mate has had his for 8 years in his GS BM and never had a problem.


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Nice to know, Rob. I lashed out and got an SSB for the SFQ. Incredibly compact and light but cranks 550CCA and will mate perfectly with the ND alternator. Being able to charge with my flat-rate 4 amp charger 9if it's even ever necessary) was a huge plus for me - i didn't want to have to invest in some fancy multi-stage charger. Paid the extra and hopefully get what i paid for.


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I had an SSB die pretty quickly. It was only a few months old. I inadvertently left the ignition on overnight and ran it flat. Killed it stone dead. It wouldn't accept a charge after that. I tried a bunch of chargers including a dumb one with no electronics (smart chargers won't charge a battery if it's below a threshold voltage). I took it to a battery shop and they pronounced it deceased.

I was led to believe by the supplier when I bought it that it had protection circuitry to stop it discharging fully. That turned out to be bullshit.

I ended up chucking it out. What I should have done is bust it open and watch it burst into flames. At least I would have got a bit of fun out of it that way.