1982 Laverda 1200 TS Mirage Series 2 for sale

Paul LeClair

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for a few photos, look here, post #91 https://www.laverdaforum.com/xf/threads/100674/page-5

elsewhere on the forum will be full rebuild threads, from bare frame and bare engine cases on a lightly crashed 10,000 original km bike.
Wolfgang Haerter supplied all parts, from new stock sized piston rings (with a fresh light hone of cylinders), new German made valve springs, all carb internals, all rubber bits, etc. RedAx supplied the Sasche/ignitech programable ignition and the Kevlar lined clutch plates, Andy Chain supplied the cam chain. Still A11 cams. I did the bodywork and the paint, to a very high standard in coarse metallic silver close to stock, maybe just a bit brighter. Pinstriping is red pinstripe tape, is starting to peel, needs to be redone in pinstripe paint, but still presentable.

Bike comes presently fitted with authentic "Jota" mufflers and collector which are not perfect as they are 40 years old. Also comes with original seamed mufflers in great shape. Presently fitted with full TS Mirage bodywork, if you don't like it, take it off after you buy the bike. The blue windscreen is an original new old stock part from Wolfgang. The adjustable JOTA bars are original to the bike. Left side shift, right side rear brake, from the factory.

variations from stock - programable digital ignition, some stainless steel fasteners, relocated side stand mounting, Ikon rear shocks, black braided steel brake lines and EBC brake pads. Odyssey PC 680 AGM battery. Kevlar lined clutch plates. CRG bar end mirrors. This is the closest to stock build I have ever done.

The total rebuild took me the better part of two years. The bike is completely "dialed in", has less than 11,000 original kms, and due to my medical issues (resolving nicely, thankfully!!!) discussed elsewhere on this forum, I have only ridden it about 700 kms since rebuild. Jetted for the Jota pipes. Runs really well. Wolfgang has seen it in the flesh and tells me it is one of the nicest TS Mirages in the world, mechanically and cosmetically. I will post some more photos shortly.

reason for offering for sale? I still have 9 motorcycles, three of which are Laverda triples. The 82 1200 TS Mirage and my 79 1200 Mirage (with full carbon fiber bodywork) are very similar motorcycles, and I am more attached to the 79 for a number of reasons. I have been offered a very low mileage Laverda SFC 1000 that I would really like to buy but simply do not have room for unless I sell something.

So, 1982 Laverda 1200 TS Mirage Series 2, the last of the 180's, in my personal opinion the very best and most developed of the 180's, is offered for sale from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I will assist in delivering the bike to a crating and freight forwarder of the buyers choice, crating and shipping at buyers expense. I do not need to sell this 1200 Mirage to buy the SFC 1000, and I am offering others of my bikes for sale local to me, including my turbo charged 1979 Honda CBX. If one of my other bikes sells locally before this 1200 Laverda does and makes room for the addition of a SFC 1000 to my very small garage, I will withdraw the 1200 TS Mirage from sale if it has not sold as yet.

asking price? A nice 38,000 km TS Mirage just sold through this forum recently https://www.laverdaforum.com/xf/threads/101159/ for a reported 7,800 GBP. Tidy looking bike, much higher kms than mine, lacking the TS Mirage fairing/screen and lowers, and not a fresh comprehensive rebuild. 7,800 GBP is roughly $10,800 USD, or $13,700 Canadian

for one of the best examples in the world, I am thinking an asking price of 10,000 GBP, which is roughly $13,900 USD or $17,600 Canadian. Feel free to contact me direct pleclair at hotmail.com, or through this forum.

Best Regards
Paul LeClair
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Found an SFC finally? I know you've been searching a few years now so congrats on the find & good luck w/ what I expect will be a quick sale.
With your consent I'll post the details on the FBook NALOC & Laverda pages as well.
Bob Colbert

Paul LeClair

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more photos.

Has been good interest, but no sale as yet, will assist in getting the bike to a shipping point and/or crater. Make me a reasonable offer

Paul LeClair


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"Has been good interest, but no sale as yet, will assist in getting the bike to a shipping point and/or crater."

Crater is a bit extreme, someone will buy it eventually.

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the 79 CBX Turbo has sold and has just left by specialized transport for its new home far away. No crating was required. I have my one year full body scan and checkup coming up soon at the Cancer Center following up on the pancreatic cancer surgery last April. No idea what to expect. I am postponing my purchase of any more motorcycles including the proposed SFC 1000 purchase. Will also look at asking price reduction on this 82 Laverda 1200 TS Mirage, it needs to find a proper new home where it will get ridden after all the work and time and money I put into making it as perfect mechanically and cosmetically as possible.


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Paul LeClair

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1972 Triumph Spitfire Mark IV. One of my "while I am at it I might as well....." projects. Started with a rust free body shell, built it up with $13,000 worth of new parts and $3,000 of engine machine work. Everything is new. It is for sale as well. As a result of the abdominal cancer surgery I now have great difficulty getting into it and even more difficulty getting out of it. Fully sorted, runs great. Asking price is $14,000 Canadian. Talking to "Bring a Trailer" about a for sale listing through their site, not many rust free and comprehensively rebuilt Triumph Spitfires around. Upside or downside is in the rebuild I used all modern components, the best modern upgraded parts I could find. A Triumph purist would turn up their nose. I prefer a car that works, starts reliably, runs reliably and does not overheat, a charging system that works, bright LED headlamps and taillights, etc.

Modern wiring harness and circuit board, every circuit on a relay and a fuse, blade fuses, not a single Lucas wire in the car, modern charging system system, custom made Mercedes leather interior from Parklane Classics in the UK. I built the motor, trans, and diff from scratch, better suspension and brakes using all new parts, and so on. RetroSound head unit and amp, four RetroSound speakers, can hear the stereo even over the open exhaust and high compression high rpm motor at full throttle......Also rebuilt the colour matched hardtop (not shown), have tonneau cover, new high end fabric convertible top. Hundreds of hours into the build.

Has been a reliable daily driver for last four summers, no issues at all. Poor thing is sitting out in the snow at the moment as my garage rebuild is almost but not quite finished, otherwise the Spitfire lives indoors in the winter in a heated garage with all the motorcycles. I had to move it out of the driveway shortly after that photo was taken, fired right up no issues despite the cold and snow, even the heater works and generates significant heat as I also upgraded the heating/cooling system and the heater fan. I don't typically drive it in the snow although it is great fun to drift it in low traction situations.......