1974 Ducati 450 single MK3


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1974 Ducati 450 single MK3

Project bike. New barrel and rings on original piston. Motor turns over freely. New Borrani rim. Clip ons and rear sets. Frame has been painted, steel tank in primer.

Missing spokes, rear mudguard, exhaust header and muffler

Au $2500
Selling for Col Minter.

Go on, you need a new project!


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Have a 250D with 450 Mach3 engine. Far from original but such a fun little bike.


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Does your desmo look like this one marnix?
Mine has a 250 desmo rolling chassis, which is different from the Mark 3, but only in details. My engine is a non desmo 450, but performance wise that’s not a bad thing as they are easier to tune. I upped the compresion with an Omega piston and put in a hot Piper camshaft.
Hope to find a matching 250 desmo engine one day, but it’s a great bike as it is, so not in a hurry.

Mine is missing its original rear mudguard too, but I (ab)used a Lav750 front mudguard which is fine for now.

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What a bewdy. If I didn't have my other SF to build, a house reno to progress into build phase and no job ... I'd be right onto that! And everyone is sick to fuggen death of hearing about the eternal build of the SFQ, so we'd be looking at 25 years for the MkIII!


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Just as I was going to spend all my time working on the SF1 a new project comes along. Will be a long term one this one and may need an extension to the shed but I have always loved Ducati Singles.
Seems like I was pipped at the post. Hope whoever got it has fun.
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Dr?bak, Norway
but I have always loved Ducati Singles.
And you remember when I had that exact model. Loved riding it but it was an absolute prick to start, the culprit being the Motoplat electronic ignition apparently. I found out years later that positioning the alternator to give a pulse suiting the ignition solved that problem. The later desmo 450 was a first kick starter with the dead simple points coil system. Never ever had any problems keeping that bike in tune Marnix.
Hopefully the new owner of the boxes of bits gets it happening and can get out there and ride the wheels off it.