Moto GP 2021

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I'm a Lorenzo fan and he's riding an Aprilia this year - Wish me luck for the win at QATAR in 2021 ;o)

I always liked his riding style.

Rossi is also in the race. Would love to see another Valentino Vs a Lorenzo finish for old times sake ;o)

Let the Old SURVIVING Masters teach a thing or two ;o)

Alas too many young Wolves in the Pack ;o(

I have to give credit to Guy Martin as I do not believe either Valentino or Lorenzo ever raced the Isle of Man TT.

Who can forget Joey Dunlop on the TT or Ayrton Senna in F1 - May they both R.I.P for something they loved doing and being the World's BEST !

Here's an interesting link to the prelude of the race:
Contains a comprehensive interview with all the riders in the race - 1.42 GB's.

You will need a P2P client like UTorrent to get the files. Screw TV.


I'm through Editing this Post ;o)
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I'm about 99% sure Lorenzo will be riding an Aprilia this year in 2021.

Maybe his break out year after all he's getting old just like Valentino.

I would not count the number of broken bones either Lorenzo or Valentino have incurred though their career.

A Lorenzo victory would be an ALLELUIA for me ;o)

Probably the greatest MotoGp race of all time (Both on the same team riding Yamaha's):
Just click watch on YouTube.
Rossi the Doctor !

Screw TV the Internet has it all - Been doing it since 1990.
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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news Ron. Jorge Lorenzo is retired this season. However, Lorenzo Savadori is riding an Aprilia.

There was a possibility of Jorge as test rider for Aprilia but it seems that Andrea Dovisioso has acquired that position.


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SHISH! The wrong Lorenzo - I'm devastated ;o(

"Wherefore art thou Lorenzo?"

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Watched the race, be interested to know what happened to Jack Miller and where he picked up that weird accent, much better when he spoke like a normal bogan :unsure: .


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When I was working with a big gang of Italians who were not fluent in English I would find myself talking in a kind of Pidgin, way shorter sentences. I have a couple of relos who are deaf and mute, I can sign to a degree but you do find yourself miming to get a point across. Acsences I guess just happen naturally over time.


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First Euro race this weekend, Marc is back and doing surprisingly well, Jack has had his Carpal Tunnel Surgery and is also doing well. Lots of pressure on a lot of the paddock to perform. BTW I have been watching Tech Talks on youtube with Simon Crafar, being a lifelong fan I thought I know a reasonable amount, but these videos are brilliant and contain heaps of new info I didn't know about.This is going to tell a lot about where they all are