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Paul Marx

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How she missed the roller skate on the stairs I shall never know,
Always put a banana skin after the roller skate, just in case. And a box of skewers at the bottom of the stairs.

Blame the kids for the roller skate and the banana and the skewers were there for the BBQ you'd been thinking about.


Andy J

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Isle of Man
Will try that. Particularly as the bike isn't selling very quickly.

I think you will find the bike is being sold by Ricardo Oro’s nephew. Perhaps he can also ask Ricardo if he has any options.
I must admit I’ve been looking for a similar rack myself.


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Hi Paul

I always end up designing and making my own luggage racks. It seems the only way to get something you know will suit your needs and not collapse when loaded up. I'd be happy to make you one, but I'd need a bike to fit it to. The nearest Laverda 500 I'm aware of is about 400km away from me, and 200 of that is across sea water (on Australia's north island).

The point I'm trying to make is that you'll probably end up having to get something custom made. If you don't have the capability of designing and fabricating it yourself, there must be someone in your part of the world who could do it for you.

The rack pictured in the link you posted is a poor design and not fit for purpose in my opinion. It will need reinforcing to prevent failure just behind the rearmost mounting point. There are several options for achieving that. If it's a hinged seat, the choices would be limited to solutions that don't interfere with the arc of travel when the seat is swung into the open position.


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