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Swinging arm


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Any idea who made it?
Hmm ... It doesn't look like any of the better known products (eg: Metmachex, Calfab, Kwick) so no idea who made it. But I'm guessing it wasn't designed by an engineer.

I was in a bit of a quandary as whether to say anything, because any negative comment could put off potential buyers. But when you post something for sale on a public forum, I suppose you open it up for general comment. So, for what it's worth, my opinion as a mechanical engineer is that the bracing is ineffective. That doesn't necessarily mean the swing arm is not fit for purpose. It just means that the bracing is decorative rather than structural.

It's almost there though. Its structural rigidity could be massively improved with a couple of little struts added to it. So it's certainly not a piece of junk. Perhaps a more optimistic way to look at it is that it's un-finished.

Sorry Seags. No offence intended. It simply is what it is.

Edit: Rather than make vague inferences about the design of the brace being less than perfect, I've re-attached one of the photos with some yellow lines added to show where additional bracing should go (precise placement will obviously need to avoid interference with the chain). Those small additions would make the brace way more effective and the swing arm very rigid indeed.
Engineering Rule #1. The key to making rigid structures is to use triangles rather than parallelograms.


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I do appreciate the comments.
It has to go as I need the space.
If any6is interested make an offer.
You never know I may accept.
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I can tell you that the 180 triple swinger for discs is the same part number as SF3,
I have one in this category for sale it is shot blasted bare metal.