Any interest for manufacturing this part


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Had an STL file made of the clamp that holds the BOSCH headlamp switch on the handlebar of an S model.
Looking into Additive Manufacturing (3D printing, metallic) of copies of this clamp.

The original part is the cast aluminum clamp that holds the BOSCH headlamp switch on the left side handlebar of 1969 S models and others????
This is just the clamp, so if you have a clampless switch and wish to reunite it with a new clamp and make the switch useful again please let me know.
This will be a one time deal.
The manufacturer is figuring out costs now. šŸ˜°
Creating the STL file has already cost me $250. šŸ˜­


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The scan will cost you around 200 - unless you have an Iphone 12, in which case you can scan it yourself and then clean up the cad file. Printing in Onyx or continuous CF will cost you around 50 ('Markforged Mark 2' is suitable - its a desktop so relatively cheap)


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Gold? Not gold as in ā€œthat was goldā€ but gold as in gold ring?
Yup, you can even do it in platinum if you want. its a good resource for those capable of drawing in cad, or who have an stl file to upload if they want it printed