round 3 australian bears


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red and the mighty scorches leave thursday the 21st for round 3 in darwin ,practice starts on the monday,with qualifying and racing starting on the friday
keep an eye on computime,hidden valley is matts favourite track,records will tumble!
Looking fwd to seeing the results, write ups and pics - yes, no Brett to keep us up to date and post great pics!! Let's hope lockdown won't curtail Redax team's travels!!

Such a bummer for you, Marty - and the rest of us in Sydney and Melbourne.
Thank fuck you are mad Red, otherwise we would all be worse off :)
All the best for the trip up there, will be great to get out into the outback again.
Very jealous.
Good luck at the track.
Take care and dont forget to wright....:):)
Good luck on the road Red, you know you love it..:)
All the best to everyone for some top racing, and top results.

Lucky you, ya mad bastard! I love an outback long distance drive - jealous! And you love every minute of it Red! Got room for a trophy or two in the van?
Nothing compared to a trip to South Wales....😜
Good luck and may your horizons never shrink...

Mark called over this afternoon and gave me a hand to load the girls, 2 x F1 BMW's and 2 x F4 Laverda triples ready for their trip to Darwin
Just a matter of driving 3,400 klms each way now just for hopefully, 100 points and a new lap record
Must be mad doing this shite

Darwin 2

Darwin 1
All the best.
TT1 will out at Pembury , Andy J requires signatures for his licence.
Just scrolling down this thread and noticed something. Are you using stepped headers Red ? The pic of the van load caught my eye.
I've used both stepped and tapered headers over the years. No effective difference between the two variants. Both - done right - can give more top end.
Peter's bike in my avatar I didn't have a choice. He provided the pipe he wanted to use and it looked pretty much correct to me. It works well as a mid-range pipe for our short circuits.
On the SFQ I've made my headers smaller ID than std and I tapered out from just in front of the oil drain plate to the mufflers, where the perf tube continues the taper to the end - so a journey (from memory) of 38mm to 52mm. We'll see how it goes - ATM it runs through an X pipe, which may work - if not, I'll go with your advice Greg, and run separate headers and mufflers.
Exhausts for one-off project bikes can be a pain to get right. You can read all the textbooks on exhaust design and still get it wrong.
The best approach for us mumptys who do this shit at home is trial and error. If you're not happy with your exhaust, try something different.
For example, the 3-1 that Paul had on Rosie a few years ago was strangling his 180° triple at high revs, so he took it off the bike and sold it to me. I put it on the 120° triple that I was building and it worked well. I'm not sure whether it was the crank phasing or valve timing of my Axtell cams that made the difference (although I have a theory that it was the crank phasing). The bike had good mid-range as well as a strong top end.

Anyway, here's hoping the guys do well at Hidden Valley and are able to get home without that bloody Covid mess in NSW getting in the way.
You're not wrong about one-off's. Not Laverda but while we're waiting....Tacked this up Friday. Quite pleased with the line.
It's a 250 Triumph. Effectively half of an early T100 so the same 29in of plain pipe used on the twins will work here too.


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looks like a Featherbed copy, but with a curvy spine top rail, does it carry engine oil?
nice job, not an AMC front brake surely? the one on my 350AJS has almost no retarding effect.