cable size AWG


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Hi All,
I know I have seen a few posts which gave a size of cable which would be suitable, but I am buggered if I can find the particular one I remembered,
I am replacing the big ones, so
battery +ve to starter relay,
starter relay to starter motor,
battery to engine,
battery to frame,
so would 6AWG 16mm.square do all these ?
thanks for any advice,


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Midlands, UK
so would 6AWG 16mm.square do all these ?
Yes. The issue that you will encounter is size of crimps... make sure they have M6 holes... and lack of flexibility to route the cables neatly and not strain terminal fixings. You may therefore decide to compromise on volt drop loss and come down on conductor size.


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When upgrading mine, I went for the biggest cable that it was practical to fit. I forget the actual size, but the core diameter was at least 6mm. I used multu-strand welding cable because it's very flexible. I didn't have a large enough crimper so I soldered the lugs on using a small propane torch. A simple enough job.