16. LAVERDA FRIENDS AUSTRIA meeting in Maria Schutz 2021


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Central Europe
Hi all, here is a report and some fine pix from our 16. annual meeting. It was agreat pleasure for me to organize the meeting of four LAVERDA 100 Sport Lusso - a truly unique thing to see in Austria. And it was a lot of fun to show these great little LAVERDAs in motion. Nice to meet Russell (member of this forum) for the first time!
Ciao, Gert
Great collection, I specially like the Hauer spaceframe!


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Ah the infamous black fuel pig. Saw a lot of that bike in my mirrors on the way to breganze in 2019😂😂 Gee it could drink fuel, bit like its owner with beer or his preferred cider🍺🍺😂😂