Message from Clem


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All the best, Clem. I'd come over and visit, but you see, I've still got the primary chains to replace on my Corsa ...;). I know you'll understand.

Wishing you a speedy recovery, me old mucker ..


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Hey Clem ,glad to hear that you are recovering well and will be home soon. Hope you will be back on Tog or one of your other bikes real soon. This getting old caper can sometimes can be not much fun, but the bad times do make the good times even more important.

Viva life Viva Laverda.... Levo
Get well soon and get the hell out of the hospital as soon as you can mate, they can be very dangerous places. Listen to the nurse that you trust and you will be back home safe and sound.
I am talking about the nurse who if she/he was a mechanic you would trust him/her with your Laverda, just remember it's not your
Lav it's your life, you already know which nurse that is. Cheers mate, (deep breath and cough x 5 every hour, and use your IS, incentive spirometry even when you go home, they work.


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Clem, hope you are better soon. Pneumonia can be a bother at our age, and even more so in the winter months.
Don't know about you, but I find that a too much dairy tends to get me in the chest after a while.
Less milk in your whiskey old chap.