The Rotary Club of Calne present..........,



The Rotary Club of Calne present the 10th Anniversary Motorcycle and Family Fun Day.   July 24th 2010.

Calne is a medium sized town off the A4 in Wiltshire which is a curious mixture of noveau rich stone-walled cottages about five year?s old and huge Victorian edifices three to five stories high, but the town centre is right up-to-date and that is where the action was.

I have had to flip through my Rogets to find superlatives to describe my initial feelings on seeing what was going on in this home counties hamlet, and I have still chosen simple astonishment!  Rotarians, those upper class white Anglo-Saxons with their 2.2 children, Volvo estate cars and jobs in the city have turned over their town centre to bikers to have a good time in, and making a damm good job of it.

This the third of these events I have attended, and if there is a patron saint of motorcycling, then he/she must like Calne and it?s Rotary Club, as once again, the weather was glorious.  The principal charity for this year was Wiltshire Air Ambulance. 


We arrived on a pair of 1970?s bikes, both coloured blue, both 750cc and the one other thing they had in common was they each produced many smiles per mile.


From left to right;  John Faulkner ILOC Archivist, Jack (Scrumpyjack), Alan Cudlipp (a14rgs) pose in the sunshine.


This Jota was not known to any of us, all intact and all original, this well used machine had an attractive patina that was a credit to it?s owner.


This town centre establishment served vast quantities of drink all day, and despite the noisy crowd outside, the occupants of the police vehicle had little or nothing to do all day.  At any one time there were four to four and a half thousand bikers visiting the town with an all day turnover of nine thousand, and the only ?offence? I noted was noisy exhaust systems!


A completely mint 668 with plenty of miles on it?s odometer in a colour that Laverda should have used.


Scrumpy found Lemonjelly lurking and looked after him for the rest of the day!


500cc and seventy horsepower!
Everywhere you went there were bikes parked, on the pavement, in shop doorways, on the road side on double yellows lining the town centre, one corner of the centre was given over to a speedway  team who periodically started up a race machine and filled the air with Castrol R., dope and about 120 decibels. 

Those good ladies of the Rotary Club had established stalls and stands selling all manner of food and drink, these were situated at many points throughout the town so you were not hungry or thirsty for long. 


She may not have been one of the Rotary Club ladies, but she was having a good time.

There was something for all bikers and their families, the BMF had a stand promoting their particular brand of sensible motorcycling, the MAG were there gathering signatures on petitions to present a rigid middle digit to those spineless pencil necks in Westminster. 

Also present were many stalls and stands usually seen at fixed venue bike shows like the NEC and Stafford shows.  These were selling all manner of biking related products which included helmets, leathers, boots, oils, waterproofs, publications etc, all at significantly lower than High Street prices.

All in all a superb and well organised day for all manner of two wheeled users and their families.

See you next year?



Peter, erm, who is the blonde looking for someone with a bigger chopper????  8)  8)