Donington Revival meeting Aug 2010


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Fantastic meeting and good to be able to witness the reopening of the circuit.

More later and I'm afraid I took far too many photo's of the Ducati's present but I did manage to find a bike of interest here too:


Cheers - Frank


I'm guessing that's an Egli....whatever it is, it's a very interesting bike.


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1968 Egli Laverda 880 cc.
Registered 1968, Egli frame
The engine is  SF 3, with larger valves,  880 cc kit, and the bike is optimsed for classic racing with shocks and brakes.

I think he probably owns a Harris Laverda as well...a 180 triple.


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I think there is more to it than that, the frame is very Egli (ish) but the way the motor bolts in looks to me as though the frame has been adapted from something that was not Laverda, the swingarm is not very Egli looking, and slants towards Ducati,very neat mod on the dynamo belt cover, presumeing no dynamo,perhaps a micro alternator? or could be the ignition (much more conveniant than on the primary case) but not left chopped and ugly, at first I thought the front brake looked Lockheed, or Norton, now I see it is a Brembo (Scarab), but on an adapter, changed from something else? and what I thought was a frame spar is a black steering damper of extra long proportions
very purposefull
I like it, a lot


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Dr?bak, Norway
H?kon bought the bike from the UK in about 2005. It was bought as an Egli with lots of paperwork and dyno figures etc.
It is an absolute work of art. Hubs are really trick English maybe Seeley. Rob is right with the basic outline. I can't remember the various details, it was just a bike to get past :evil:.
It was not raced much as it was considered too trick to risk wrecking.
A surprise is the retained weighty starter with a system for plugging in jumper leads.
H?kon being a pretty big bloke it was a bit small for him in most ways. He sold it on to Einar who did a few meetings on it but now races a Pantah. I was not aware he was attending Donnington for the UEM round. I am not aware H?kon re-purchased it, but would be surprised.
H?kon races a big bore Harris 180 triple in our class which he re-purchased from Einar to whom he had sold it....
If anyone really wants to know I can get in touch with H?kon. Unfortunately he also works at sea and our shifts have not coincided for a while. He has great coffee in the pits for paying helping hands.


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Hakon is working on the Harris this year and suggested he will be racing it next year, he does currently own the Egli and my understanding is that it was he who raced it this year at Donnington.

regards Rob