Laverda Corse at Croatia

Tom Eatman

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Of course you must first earn the descent! What with traffic and the extremely poor asphalt Passo Stelvio can get more than interesting. What's better is to head up from Prato, ride over the top, turn right into Switzerland onto the Umbrail Pass, and then at St. Maria turn right again to go back to the Italian border at Mustair. From St. Maria to the border is completely flat out and the group I rode with there last year had an average speed of over 60 kilometers per hour, max speed of almost 75. Wheeee!

Back to Laverda stuff. Bob, when is the event down by Brescia in October? I'm thinking of coming down to have a look.



Hi Tom,
It's on the 23 /24 Oct, I'm looking forward to it although Francaciorta will be the fourth new circuit I'll have raced at this year and I'm suffering from info overload as I try to collate all the various corners and reference points in my head! I seem to have spent a lot of time this year watching laps from track days at the various circuits on U tube.

We've had a few ups and downs this year but I think that the team have got a pretty solid base to work from next season. We'll have 3 well sorted bikes and some useful set-up data.  My new bike showed great promise at Rijeka and I think its a pretty good package. I popped it on the scrutineer's scales at Rijeka and it tipped them at 162kg with 10 litres of fuel and 3 litres of oil. By my calculations I make that approx 149dry which was the target weight for the bike when I started the project.

If you can make it to Brescia it would great to see you. I'm not sure what the race format will be, the series organisers seem to float between fixed time races such as four hour event or fixed mileage such as 350km.
Meanwhile I'm preparing the Chott for the Edinburgh Trial in a few weeks time...