Fuel pump seems to have died: replacements / alternatives please???


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As per the title really - 1999 750s.

I can hear a relay click when the ignition is turned on and all the fuses are sound but no fuel pump priming up  :'(
fuel pumps are ten a flippin penny where do you live ?

  I am stuck to point you in right direction .... CRIPES get the Yellow Pages out !!



I had that and it was only the starter relay switch a Ducati part check that first before pump as no fuel will get there with injectors without that relay.



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Like Shaun: best check the relay first.  But if it is the pump, I have the following notes collected from the Yahoo list:

1.  "The pump is a Walbro MSS166."

2.  "I have recently fitted a Walbro fuel pump and found that they were also fitted to the Renault Clio from 1990-1996*.  Cost 25 euros
from my local breakers."

* As well as loads of other things apparently: just type 'Walbro MSS166' into Google ...

3. "I fitted '93-'98 2.2lt Toyota Camry fuel pump. It draws far less current, maintains full system pressure and was easy to adapt to the original housing. I only needed to turn up a nylon sleeve to fit it all up within an hour or so. Moves 100% more volume draws 50% less current, is more reliable, Bike certainly runs better/smoother."




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Many Thanks for the info Guys.

Question time, where do the connectors come through the tank for the pump please and can I get a 12V feed to it to test it directly and rule out the relay.

How hard is removing the tank (pump inside tank if I remember?) and I guess I'd uprate the starter motor cable while at it?

Many Thanks - Frank

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Connectors are under the seat at the front, )by the Air Box bolt) one is the fuel gauge sede the other the pump feed. Not sure about getting the tank out, looks to be a bit of a fiddle from when I looked at it last, best of luck.
Dont sell it!.  :smiley: 


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Hi Frank,

For illustrations and a description, have a look at pages 236 -241 of the factory manual (now available here, of course http://www.iloc.co.uk/index.php?option=com_docman&task=cat_view&gid=104&Itemid=101).

Replacing the pump isn't something I've had to tackle, so I can't advise on how easy/difficult it is.  In theory  :smiley:, it drops out of the bottom of the tank.

But, as you know, there is so much crammed into so little space on these bikes that no job is especially easy ...  :'(.  I do know that people say taking the tank out is a bit like conducting major surgery  :shocked:.  So let's hope that isn't necessary.

P.s  Yes, if you're keeping the bike, change those blessed starter cables  :smiley:.  And fit one of these (51913 Westco Motorcycle Battery 12V 20Ah (12V20P )...