Wanted jota handle bars

You can buy new Raask bars that are fairly close but not identical, or you can get them on UK or German eBay, where they show up maybe half a dozen times a year. Bidding is always brisk but they usually go for a bit over $US100 these days, but then you have to pay shipping and they usually need rechroming.
Or you can buy a rechromed set for about the same price from Wolfgang Haerter in British Columbia, google him if you're not familiar with him. His are used, but at least you know they're straight and the chrome is good quality. Andy Wagner in Germany usually has them too but usually considerably more expensive, although if you want them quickly he's another possibility.
Or somebody on this forum (or the other one) might take pity on you and sell you a set they've had in their garage for decades. You never know your luck.



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California USA
Thanks for the feedback. i have spoken with wolfgang. i thought his were real expensive, around $250 usd. I'll check with him again.