CJ's videos, season IV


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Hi Crispin/CJ:

I miss your videos!!!  Have been watching over and over "look, no restriction in this zone" and the "Redax: does it really mean a thing?" ones, but really keep checking over and over to see new ones!!! ANd yes, the space frame one was good, but I would like to see anything new pretty much. 
A Laverda is a great thing to watch, and CJ needs more adventures.

Keep them coming!


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problem there is that no one can get CJ to stop riding his Jota long enough to edit a new video.
I fitted a Hall Effect Sachse unit to his bike start of the year, first one made and asked him to trial it.
He had 27,000 klms up on it in 5 months.  :shocked:
Hard man to tie down in front of his computor.

Then there is his charity work, Oz Laverda racing duties, life in general, grooming his beard, etc
Busy lad indeed