Trail riding in Derbyshire



Well, today's weather forecast said zero chance of precipitation, something you don''t see too often in these parts. It was too good an opportunity to miss and so I took the oppportunity to get out to the Peak District on the Chott .


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Nice.  These pictures show something that is impossible in Scotland.  Incredible.


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Very good Bob, lovely day, zero chance of precipitation, whats the first thing you do?

Ride through a great big puddle.......... ::)



No Grant, I think Reggie is referring to the fact that cows aren't allowed to have personalised plates in Scotchland


Maybe he is getting a set of custom made leathers and didn't want his name stitched on the back, so went for the executive option.


Here's a couple more shots showing some of the nice ancient roads we rode. My chum Rich has recently acquired a map with a lot of these roads marked up and so we thought we'd go and explore them. We only came across three small groups of people [all walkers ] in a 6 hour ride and I'm pleased to say that pleasantries were exchanged each time, contrary to what is often reported about conflict between trail riders and ramblers. I think the open faced helmet helps in these situations.

I know I bang on about the Chott but I really think it's one of the finest trail bikes ever produced . Rich was on a new CCM [DRZ 400 based thingy], it's a lovely dual purpose bike but the Laverda was much nimbler up the trickier rocky trails which are a feature of Derbyshire. I own a DRZ and I've had other modern off roaders and I prefer the simplicty of an old air cooled, piston ported two stroke, not to mention the fact that it is significantly lighter than a modern off road bike. All those ECUs , disk brakes and radiators add up y'know.

I hads a strange sense of deja vu during the ride and then I realised that some of the old roads are used as access road to the various sections of the Edinburgh Trial [which is run in the Peak District]. Normally I'm riding them in the pitch black and you don't get any sense of the stunning backdrop that the roads are situated in.

Anyweay, it was a great day out and it sharpened me up for the Edinburgh in two weeks time. I've got afew minor jobs to make the Chott ready and we're good to go :D


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A few years ago when I had a Husaberg we used to ride the Bull Ridge farm tracks up Sangrieve Lanes near Mellor .... A fantastic rock quarry and a brilliant day out... Stockport was buildt from the stone extracted from there.....



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NRW, Germany
I'm green with envy, Bob!

No legal boondocking over here.... the only off-roading my Chott has seen while in my possesion was across my lawn ::)!

Came across some suitable green lanes in Switzerland, Italy and even Austria last week. :D



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I havnt been off road for about a year,that changes next weekend.Draged the 05 TE 250 Husky out yesterday and did a lap of the block,off the Clarance State Forest,20,ooo acre with a bunch of mates