bad fuel???


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My Jota has been giving me the shits lately , I have found over the last week my Jota has been starting on two and failing to pick up three cylinders, find the cold exhaust bugger me off with the tank then remove the spark plug wire brush off the carbon, back togeather and no drama away on three.
About eighteen months ago I had the same problem fitted some iridium plugs no difference, I still run iridiums now.
Can anyone tell me particularly in Australia if they are experiencing a similar problem???????


Is it a 180 or a 120?
I had similar issues with my 120 Jota and my Corsa way back then.
Not so much with any 180s.

If it's a 120 it seems the best answer is to ditch the standard coils and fit TEK coils off a Jap bike.
I don't know which Jap bikes but maybe there is still some tech expert here who could answer better than me.


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Wire brushing plugs is not the best. Sounds like a weak spark rather than a fuel issue, check the HT circuit and treat the old thing to a new set of plugs and caps and you will most likely find your fuel issues go away.



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Throw away the iridiums as far as you can and use normal plugs. 

Laverda specified Champion N3C, which I have adhered to over the past 30 years without problems or use the readily available "?"ES NGKs... your choice.

Iridium plugs are designed for todays' lean burn engines!  They won't tolerate soot build-up.  Our old bangers are anything but lean-burners....... ::)



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Hi Maurice, had the same problem with my RGS a while ago. Always the same plug, clean it
and it would be fine, next week it would do it again. Changed the coils,
honed the bores, new rings new valve springs etc, not done it since. If I could only
find out what the mystery rattle is on the RGS is I'd be happy. Regards, Dave.
Pull out your fuel taps and give em a clean..... Same with the little carb filters behind the fuel inlets .

      Nice to read a proper thread again !