Completed 1974 SF2 Project


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1st off, thanks to all on the forum and my builder Geoff Giles.

From this:

To this:


All intial completion photos here:


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Yes, I guess you could say there are some Brit stylings in there but, I wanted a cafe type bike and that's where they started.

The PO told me the piston was holed when a US cycle mag editor was riding it in TX and the points advanced and boom.



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Dr?bak, Norway
Well done mate. A huge job.
It looks like you changed direction with styling halfway through the job.
That engine had done very few miles from the look of the mainbearing lands.
How much of it were you able to do yourself or did you pay someone to do the lot?
What's it like to ride?


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Engine rebuild by Scott Potter in TX.
Custom metalwork by Geoff Giles in CO.
I did the basic seat section design and build but, the painter finsihed it off.
Collaberation on the design elements with Geoff.

Very stable on the road with a nice exhaust note.  Brakes are a bit iffy compared to my newer bikes but, stops pretty well.  Still getting used to the right side shift though.

Going to be a nice around town toy.