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Paul LeClair

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Hi all

on MSN Laverda we used to have a Links page, which I have missed a lot. On both MSN Laverda and laverdapedia we had some issues with some very angry people slamming various service providers or parts suppliers. However, I want to give this sub forum a test run and see what happens. I would like to see a worldwide listing of Laverda related parts suppliers and service providers consolidated here in one place, and yes, with a FACTUAL description of your experiences, what prices you paid, and hopefully unique suppliers of either original parts or substituable parts. Please clearly label your post topic. If you had a negative experience, please feel free to say so, in a FACTUAL manner. If you had a positive experience, the same applies!I have borrowed the idea for this sub forum from the ILOC forums, which is primarily UK based suppliers and service, I would like to see this sub forum here be truly international but including any and all of the UK businesses people frequent as well.

if you are posting for your own business, feel free, just make that clear in your post.

This is an experiment in how adult we can all behave in a public forum.... as well as hopefully a great resource once it gets populated with information.

Paul LeClair

ps for each supplier mentioned, please start a new clearly headed topic, or continue in that suppliers thread if one is already started, don't post in this particular thread....thanks

Also, would be great if the suppliers contact info, phone number, e mail, web site, ebay store, etc were added to the supplier's thread
What about the guys like Gijs van Dijk and Ricardo Oro who are non-Internet Luddites, but who have a wealth of expertise and stocks of bits and pieces? Can somebody post their contact info please, and how best to contact them?



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near Cologne
Hi, here is the adress of Gijs van Dijk in Holland.

Van Dijk Motoren
Traay 173
3971 GG Driebergen

0031 (0)343513958

a Laverda Spezialist and a big Stock!!!!!!

Salute Volker